Joining the Men’s Group

In order to join our men’s groups, you must do the following:

  1. Listen to some of Darrell’s teachings and decide New Hope is a place God is calling to be. We recommend starting with Michael Hosea Man and/or A Theology of Sex
  2. Schedule an intake session with Darrell Brazell, director of New Hope Recovery Ministries or Bob Clifton in Topeka
  3. Read, fill out, sign and turn in our Intake Documents (Click on box on home page)
  4. Sometime within your first two months, you must have a one on one session with Darrell or your counselor to go over your sexual history inventory. This inventory is included in chapter 3 of Darrell’s New Hope For Sexual Integrity Manual.
  5. If you are married, we highly encourage your wife to join you for the initial intake session as well as ongoing couples’ sessions.
  6. We also highly recommend your wife join the wives’ recovery group. If she is willing, she should contact Debbie Brazell by email using the contact form or calling the our office at 785-331-HOPE (4673) and leaving a message. Debbie will call her as soon as her schedule allows.
  7. New Hope Recovery Ministries does not charge for our recovery groups. However, we are dependent on donations so we ask you consider giving so we can effectively serve you and others through this difficult process. We also ask you to donate for individual sessions with recovery coaches. Please see suggested donation page of Intake Documents for more information.

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