October 19-21, 2023 (Must commit to all three days and all sessions)

An extremely powerful tool Darrell has used the past two years at the Men’s Mountain Workshop is what he calls, Immanuel Prayer Structures. It combines two healing modalities.

Structures are described in Bessel A. van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps The Score and are where the participant recreates his original, real family of origin and at times other significant figures in his life by selecting individuals in the room to “enroll” as those members and then, through a guided process, says what he needs to say, feel what he needs to feel, hear what he needs to hear, etc. from them. He then goes through his “ideal” family by having individuals enroll as his “ideal mother, father, teacher, etc.” to provide what he knows he actually needed in those critical memories and events.

Darrell then uses his Immanuel Prayer training and gifting to help the participant connect with Jesus to see, hear and feel what Jesus wants him to know about the work he has just done. Structures by themselves are powerful and van der Kolk reports individuals having life changing encounters through them. However, when the participant also experiences Jesus meeting them in those places, confirming the work they have done and even adding additional content, the healing is magnified.

One individual Darrell led through this process reports that since his IP Structure he has not had any anxiety or fear around anything to do with his mother or his father. Prior to his structure, fear, anxiety, confusion, etc. was his norm around anything even remotely related to his parents.

It is also the norm for every individual in the room, regardless of whether or not they are chosen to play a role, to make significant connections to their own story. Therefore, after each structure, Darrell will lead a follow-up session where the group will process what came up for each of them.

Darrell is going to take six men through this process over three days. He will also add some significant material from his training with Dr. Omar Minwalla that will help the men gain greater insight, understanding and empathy for the harm they have done to their wives through their struggles with deceptive sexuality.

Space is obviously limited so contact Darrell ASAP if you are interested in one of the slots.

Here are particulars:

  • October 19-21 (Lodging available from the 18th to 22nd)
  • At a lake house on Perry Lake, just NW of Lawrence
  • Suggested donation–$1100 per individual, plus lodging
  • Lodging cost depends on choice of room (Cost shown is total, not per night)
    • Private single room $250 (4 available for Thursday evening to Sunday morning)
    • Private room for two nights $200 (2 available)
  • Schedule
    • Wednesday, October 18 (Optional to arrive, check into the house after 4PM)
    • Thursday, October 19
      • Arrive by 8:30 AM if not staying Wednesday night
      • 9AM Get Acquainted, opening session
      • 10AM Structure #1
      • 11:30AM Lunch (provided)
      • 1PM Processing Structure #1
      • 2:30PM Structure #2
      • 4PM Processing Structure #2
      • 5PM “Wives’ Voices 1”
      • 6PM Dinner together (Provided)
      • 7PM Optional evening fire or movie
    • Friday, October 20
      • 9AM “Voices” (Where am I? How is yesterday’s work sitting with you, etc.?”)
      • 9:30AM Structure #3
      • 11AM Processing Structure #3
      • 12PM Lunch (Provided)
      • 1:30PM Structure #4
      • 3PM Processing Structure #4
      • 4PM “Wives Voices 2”
      • 6PM Go out to dinner together
    • Saturday, October 21
      • 9AM “Voices” (Where am I? How is yesterday’s work sitting with you, etc.?”)
      • 9:30AM Structure #5
      • 11AM Processing Structure #5
      • 12PM Lunch (Provided)
      • 1:30PM Structure #6
      • 3PM Processing Structure #6
      • 4PM “Wives Voices 2”
      • 5PM “Wrap up & Goodbyes”
    • Sunday, October 22–Must check out by 9:30 AM