February 29- March 2 in Baldwin City, KS (Must commit to all three days and all sessions)

Immanuel Prayer Structures combines two healing modalities.

Structures are a psycho-drama process described in Bessel A. van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps The Score. Participants recreate their original, real family of origin and at times other significant figures in their lives by selecting individuals in the room to “enroll” as those members and then, through a guided process, say what they need to say, feel what they need to feel, hear what they need to hear, etc. Participants then go through their “ideal” family by having individuals enroll as “ideal mother, father, teacher, etc.” to provide what they know they actually needed in those critical memories and events.

Darrell combines the Structure concept with his Immanuel Prayer training and gifting to help the participants connect with Jesus to see, hear and feel what Jesus wants them to know about what characters they need to interact with, what memories they need to process and about the work they have just done. Structures by themselves are powerful and van der Kolk reports individuals having life changing encounters through them. When the participants also experience Jesus meeting them in those places, confirming the work they have done and even adding additional content, the healing is magnified.

One individual Darrell led through this process reports that since his IP Structure he has not had any anxiety or fear around anything to do with his mother or his father. Prior to his structure, fear, anxiety, confusion, etc. was his norm around anything even remotely related to his parents.

It is also the norm for every individual in the room, regardless of whether or not they are chosen to play a role, to make significant connections to their own story. Therefore, after each structure, Darrell leads a follow-up session where the group processes what came up for each of them.

Darrell takes six men through this process over three days. He also adds some significant material from his training with Dr. Omar Minwalla that helps men gain greater insight, understanding and empathy for the harm they have done to their wives through their struggles with deceptive sexuality.

Space is obviously limited so contact Darrell ASAP if you are interested in one of the slots.

Here are particulars:

  • February 29-March 2, 2024 in Baldwin City Kansas. (Lodging available from the 28th to the 3rd)
  • Suggested donation–$1500 per individual, plus lodging
  • Lodging cost is $275 and includes your room (4 nights) and six meals (Breakfast and lunch each day) Dinner on your own. Welcome to use kitchen or go to area establishments. (We will go as a group on Thursday evening)
  • Registration: Must be working with Darrell or at least do an evaluation session with him to be sure it is a good fit. You may reserve your place by paying your food & lodging expense.
  • Schedule
    • Wednesday (Optional to arrive, check into the house after 4PM)
    • Thursday
      • Arrive by 8:30 AM if not staying Wednesday night
      • 9AM Get Acquainted,
      • 9:30AM Structure #1
      • 11AM Processing Structure #1
      • 12PM Lunch (provided)
      • 1:30PM Structure #2
      • 3PM Processing Structure #2
      • 4PM “Wives’ Voices 1”
      • 5:30PM Go out to dinner together
      • 8PM Optional Movie
    • Friday
      • 9AM “Voices” (Where am I? How is yesterday’s work sitting with you, etc.?”)
      • 9:30AM Structure #3
      • 11AM Processing Structure #3
      • 12PM Lunch (Provided)
      • 1:30PM Structure #4
      • 3PM Processing Structure #4
      • 4PM “Wives Voices 2”
    • Saturday
      • 9AM “Voices” (Where am I? How is yesterday’s work sitting with you, etc.?”)
      • 9:30AM Structure #5
      • 11AM Processing Structure #5
      • 12PM Lunch (Provided)
      • 1:30PM Structure #6
      • 3PM Processing Structure #6
      • 4PM “Wives Voices 2”
      • 5PM “Wrap up & Goodbyes”
    • Sunday, October 22–Must check out by 9:30 AM


From an October of 2023 Participant:

This has been one of the most trying and difficult years of my life. My wife and I have been separated for over a year, I faced the potential of losing my mother and sat with her in a hospital for 6 days hoping she would make it to discharge, I lost my dog, and to top it off my car died when I needed it the most. I have received counsel, advice, encouragement, and guidance from so many wonderful people. Yet, with all of these kind words I still remained at a loss for how to cope and face even simple trials, let alone the crushing ones I was experiencing.

Throughout the year I began to find a way to not only cope, but to begin thriving in the midst of difficulty. To stand in the fire, instead of cowering and waiting for the flames to die. Slowly I began to enter into the practice of the Immanuel process. Over the past year I read books on the subject and started to integrate it into my times with my counselors. I did not realize the floodgates of healing I was beginning to open. The dam I had built over decades of unresolved trauma would finally break and the miracle was that I would not be overwhelmed. I would not be overwhelmed because Jesus would be at my side every step of the way.

Yet, with all of my work throughout the year I was still terrified to dive headlong into Immanuel Journaling and continue to enter into my painful places with Jesus. I had breakthrough after breakthrough in sessions with another person present, but there was still something keeping me from feeling safe to engage fully when it was just me and Jesus. I had already attended two intensives this year and felt spent. But something was telling me that this next intensive with Pastor Darrell would be different. I felt there was something very special waiting for me in this. So, I signed up and the intensive began. The surprises are still popping up even weeks after its completion.

Each man stepped up to the plate to face the most painful moments of their lives. They faced the people who most hurt them one by one. Their tears rolled and so did their courage. We stood by each other, resolved to chase after healing for and with one another. After each session the boldness in this group of men grew and grew into a great crescendo of restoration. And at the middle of all of it was Jesus. Jesus, our wonderful and determined Brother. Our mighty King. The Warrior each of us needed in our lives was there leading us and bringing the healing to our hearts that we longed for.

Then it was my turn. My body was riddled with anxiety. I could feel the tension of what Jesus was about to call forward in me. But I knew I could face it. I had my brothers, I had my mentor, Darrell, and I had Jesus. So out they came. The men and women in my life who had most deeply wounded me as well as those who I had most deeply wounded. I expressed deep rage, crushing regret, and insurmountable sorrow. All of which should have leveled my soul and left a shadow in its place. But I was still standing, still willing to face the storm, still present. Once the pain and sorrow was brought to the surface and accounted for, we began the healing process. Jesus addressed each hurt, each failure, each sorrow in such a tender and kind way. He brought resolution to these wounded places in me. Then, He went even further. He placed a future hope in my heart and mind. The hope that he would continue to heal me and make me whole. When my session ended, the anxiety, sorrow, and pain was all washed away and replaced by the peace and comfort of the presence of my Lord. My mind was at ease knowing that the One who made those promises was able to keep them.

To this day I am still recognizing changes in my character that I know are a direct result of engaging with Jesus in my pain and allowing Him to bring resolution to it. I am incredibly grateful and will be practicing this for the rest of my life.

From An October 2023 Participant:

“What an amazing time of relational connecting with Jesus, other men, and our families of origin.  Using the astounding technique of engaging the “real family member” and “the ideal family member” brought healing as I spoke words never spoke buried deep inside and they spoke words that my heart has hungered for.

Lots of time accessing our little boy too! With the help of Darrell’s wise guidance, my little guy was led to the comforting and healing arms of Jesus for a blessed encounter.

It’s difficult to know how Jesus will use this intensive to redeem my brokenness for His glory.  But there are so many gems to journal on, thanks to Darrell’s recording private videos for my portion of the intensive.  I look forward mining my personal video after I return home to go deeper into my healing.

Come rested, because the work is like running an emotional marathon – but it is well worth your time.  It’s going to be something I believe I will never forget because of its unique impact on me.

Thank you, Darrell.  You are who so wise, so knowledgeable, so connected to Jesus, and so humble.  You created such a safe environment for me that I was able to travel back 60 years to engage my four-year-old boy. 

Praise to King Jesus for this impactful time of healing.”