Recurring Donations

Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry. Your support is vital in helping us minister effectively to those seeking freedom from bondage and learning to live lives of sexual integrity.  You may click the first button below to make a onetime gift or scroll down the page to set up recurring donations. (Use the button below the amount you want to give)

Through PayPal you can use a major credit card, a bank account or your own PayPal account. All donations should be tax deductible as gifts to New Hope Recovery Ministries. At the end of the year, we will send a
donation letter for your tax records.

You can also mail your donations to:

New Hope Recovery Ministries
1449 Kasold
Lawrence, KS 66049

Recurring Donations

Click on the “subscribe” buttons below the amount you choos to set up automatic monthly donations. If you choose to stop or change your donation all you have to do is come back and click on the “unsubscribe”
button at the bottom of the page.



$10 Per Month

Never underestimate the value of even small gifts. No gift is too small to bless our ministry and encourage us as we fight for the hearts of the men and women God sends our way.


$25 Per Month

$25 per month is less than a dollar a day, but it will pay for a recovery manual for someone who doesn’t have the funds but needs to begin the process.



$50 Per Month

$50 is what many counselors and therapists charge clients for attending a single support group session. Your gift of $50 each month will help us continue to offer the recovery groups that are essential in the healing process.



$75 Per Month

$75 per month over the year will pay for Darrell to attend a conference to learn more Brain Science, cutting edge
recovery methods and etc.



$100 Per Month

This is what most counselors charge for a single counseling session. Your gift at this level will
help us continue to offer free recovery coaching to individuals and couples.


$150 Per Month

A gift of $150 each month will cover our heating bills for the year.


$200 Per Month

$2400 is what we need to spend to get our website operating at its potential. People from all over the world use the site to download teachings, read articles and order materials for their journey of recovery.


$250 Per Month

Will help pay the salary of an administrative assistant whose work will release Darrell to focus more on teaching,
recovery coaching and writing.


$500 Per Month

Five $500 per month donors will pay the rent for the building we use for Sunday services, recovery groups,
office space, meeting with people and special events.


$1000 Per Month

Twenty donors at this level would have us fully funded at our current level of need. It would also have us looking at hiring additional staff for coaching, teaching, facilitating groups and etc.


Other Recurring Amounts

If you would like a custom amount set up for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. Use the contact form below and we will add a button just for you for the exact amount you would like to designate.


$600 Donation Spread Out Over 3 $200 Monthly Gifts




    If you ever need to stop your recurring donation all you have to do is click on the “Unsubscribe” button below. If you decide to increase or decrease your donation, please unsubscribe and then choose a new amount. Please also understand we will never take offense at you needing to change or even cease your donations. We trust God as our provider and if he calls you to use your funds elsewhere or if your giving situation changes we will simply be grateful for what you have done in the past and what you may do in the future.