New Hope is providing a place for men to connect, check in and share what is going on inside of them because we know how critical that is on the path to recovery. While in person, face to face meetings are the best way to connect, we are now providing two types of online meetings for those who cannot attend in person groups and as a supplement for those who can.

Regular New Hope For Sexual Integrity Recovery Meetings

  • On Tuesdays at noon Central, Terry is leading men through Jay Stringer’s book Unwanted. The format is one of a group discussion of the content followed by an opportunity for individuals who are able to connect for “Check-in”
  • On Tuesdays at 6PM Central, Darrell leads a men’s group using his New Hope For Sexual Integrity recovery manual as a guide but often going into other areas of recovery teaching. “Big Group” meets from 6-7PM and then men are put into “breakout rooms” of 3-4 men and follow the format described below for “Check In Groups”

Check-In Groups

  • Noon Central Weekdays except for Tuesday (Tuesdays at noon Terry leads a regular Sexual Integrity Group)
  • Saturday 8 PM Central
  • Sundays at 1:15 PM Central
  • The format is a simple one where men can log into a video call with whoever is on at the time. Guys will take turns sharing the following points:

  1. Introduce yourself, I.e. “I’m Darrell in Lawrence, Kansas”
  2. Where am I today? current joys, struggles, triumphs, etc?
  3. Feelings Check: Which of the following core emotions am I feeling today?
    • Fear
    • Anger
    • Guilt
    • Sadness
    • Shame
    • Hurt
    • Lonely
    • Joy/Glad
  4. How have I done on my 6 dailies? (6 Dailies are explained in New Hope For Sexual Integrity available in our Store in both a hard copy and digital version)
  5. Is there any sin I need to bring into the light?
  6. Goals: What was my goal at my last check in and how have I done with it? What is one specific, attainable goal I will commit to for the coming week?
  7. What is one thing I have read, learned or experienced this week that has been helpful to me
  8. Prayer: Please pray for me concerning . . .

To participate in our Zoom groups, you will need to turn in your Intake Documents and be working through Darrell’s New Hope For Sexual Integrity. Documents can be sent in by emailing Darrell through our contact page or you can mail them to New Hope at 1449 Kasold, Lawrence, KS 66049.

Zoom Instructions & Suggestions

  • While you can do Zoom on a smart phone, a computer with a web cam and microphone works better for most users.
  • You can also do “audio only” by calling in on any phone. If you want to use audio only, email Darrell for the login information.
  • Go to and click the “Join a meeting” link.
  • Then enter 407-287-538 in the “Meeting ID or Personal ID” box and then the password. (Must have intake docs in to receive password)
  • Follow the prompts and you should be good.
  • Please use your “mute” button in the bottom left corner when you have any background noise to keep it from coming through on everyone’s feed. (If you are on a phone, moving around or brushing your phone against anything often creates distracting noise.)
  • Many also find it helpful to click on the “Gallery View” in the upper right corner as the constant switching back and forth can be distracting.